Mandy Amanda Team Building for Entrepreneurs | Get organized, grow your team | Enjoy Success
Team Building for Entrepreneurs | Get organized, grow your team | Enjoy Success

Empowering Self-Made Women

Mandy’s mission is to empower self-made businesswomen to own their seat at the table and embrace the duality of a successful life. Her presentations go beyond teaching basic business skills to provide “real-girl life hacks” that successful businesswomen can use in every aspect of their lives. With 15 years in front of countless audiences, Mandy knows how to take everyone in the room to the heart of the people issues at hand.  She tailors every presentation to embrace the “mood” of the room and the needs of the specific group.  This means her message always hits home with participants. Mandy is “Passionately Curious” and challenges everyone she works with to ask questions with the goal of understanding something as fully as possible.  Her presentations will engage and empower you and she guarantees you will walk away with a new perspective and easy actionable changes to elevate your career and your life.

Sound Bite Topics

Mandy is happy to provide “sound-bites” or panel presentation on a number of business related topics.  Trying to decide what to showcase to your team/listeners?  Here are a few of her suggestions:
  • Managing conflicting priorities
  • Recovering from a culture of communication failure
  • Pareto problems – 20 % of your people doing 80% of the work
  • Feedback voids, when no one will tell you what they really think
  • Professional Development, elements of a successful PD plan
  • Re-work the “annual review” to be an effective road map for the future
  • Overcoming lack of funding for staff development
  • Addressing change adversity in your organization
  • Conducting a strategic planning session
  • Team Retreats, leveraging a team retreat to generate organizational change
  • New Hire Orientation (On Boarding) – do’s and don’ts
  • Facilitating an effective meeting
  • Resource Management, how to avoid overworking your rock stars
  • Personality Types, working together because of our differences
  • Mentoring, building a program within your organization
  • Effective Listening – moving from response to results
  • Tech Tools for small businesses – leveraging technology to improve business results

Featured Presentations

Business Skills for new and emerging leaders

Let’s face it, not everyone in a leadership role got there because of their amazing leadership skills.  Often, people are promoted because they were great at what they did, maybe even a leader by example.  These “promoted but not prepared” leaders may flounder, learning the hard way how to handle the “people issues.”  With her leadership skill training series, Mandy puts an end to that frustration by providing actionable changes for all leaders, enabling them to embrace their role and create a positive impact in their organizations.

Project Management in a rapidly moving world

Project management isn’t hard to learn, but it is tough to master.   In her presentations on project management, Mandy provides insights and tools to help project leaders deal with the rapid pace of change in our environment and invites participants to embrace new technology to clear project management hurdles.  Her practical tips on people and process can be applied in all areas of life.

Communication in the information age

In this lively presentation, Mandy engages her audience in some real-world exercises that prove that communication is “in the eye (or ear) of the beholder.”

Business Plans for non-business owners

As a leader (but not an owner) should you have a business plan for your team?  The answer is yes.  Join Mandy for a practical workshop on how a business plan will change your team’s trajectory.  Learn about basic financial forecasting, internal marketing techniques, and how to establish a Vision, Mission, and even a manifesto for your group.

About Mandy

Prior to founding her RISE to Leadership program, Mandy worked as a business and process consultant for companies and firms throughout the country.  In her role, she helped countless departments and teams find a happy medium between technological advancements and human nature. A big believer in “self-made” career women, Mandy developed her RISE program to provide business skill training and on-the-spot coaching to every career woman she meets.  If you are motivated to learn and grow, if you are self-made, she feels you deserve to leverage that tenacity, that courage, and OWN your seat at the table.  When you are ready to grow, Mandy has your back.