Mandy Amanda Team Building for Entrepreneurs | Get organized, grow your team | Enjoy Success
Team Building for Entrepreneurs | Get organized, grow your team | Enjoy Success

Food for Thought – Brown Bag Lunch series for Emerging Leaders

Join us monthly for some leadership Food for Thought with our brown-bag lunch series on current (and sometimes around forever) workplace challenges.  In this small group session, we will cover topics to help you establish yourself as a well-rounded leader without the need for a 10 hour training day!  Each month’s session will feature presentations by local experts and will position you to learn quick skills that you can apply “same-day” to your own environment.  Group tables provide the added bonus of exploring issues you thought you understood from other perspectives and in other industries.

We bring the topic and the speaker, you bring your sandwich and curiosity!

Time will be allotted for Q&A with the speakers and for debate/sharing at your tables or in the online groups.  The conversation will continue in our online communities and sound bites and #micdrop moments will be shared in our weekly newsletter.

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Topics for the current series include:

  • No Fluff Guide to a Better day at the office
  • What is Project Management REALLY?
  • Onboarding effectively, keeping new employees engaged
  • Conducting 360 reviews, why it is important to get everyone’s feedback
  • Creating Professional Growth programs, tips on how and why

Note both events have a $5 fee, why? Because when you pay for something, you commit to it.  Easy as that.