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Writing a manifesto seems like it would be a super easy thing to do – and maybe it is/was for you.

If that’s the case – high five!  For me, it was a 3 week, soul searching, ton of edits, scrap and re-write kind of experience.

Why a manifesto?  well – a manifesto is sort of a road map for when you are feeling the pressures of making hard choices or any choices at all.  I like mine because it motivates me to get off my butt and do something when nothing is what I really feel like doing.

Here’s what I learned about myself in the process:

  1. I am passionate – like to the n’th degree.
  2. I believe in the power of the written word so much so that I was hesitant to write things I wanted to no longer be true (like “Stop doing XYZ”) and spun them to be positive
  3. I love people and I love even more if I can give them a nugget of something and then watch how they FLY
  4. I am a perfectionist – how you can do that and be constantly growing I don’t know
  5. Once I set my mind to something, I will finish it, no matter how much it pains me

Want to learn to write your own?  Grab this checklist and get to it.  When you are done, share your manifesto in the comments – we’d love to celebrate YOU with you!

Manifesto Template

My Manifesto

My manifesto includes my beliefs, values, desirable character traits, and action reminders.  If you are curious, you can download a pretty copy of My Manifesto or, feel free to pin one of the graphics below if you’d like.  Or, scroll to the bottom and read it (in it’s non-pretty form).

What I believe

  • Self-made women are a highly valuable commodity
  • Duality is beautiful
  • Sincere dreams come true
  • There is power in the written word
  • Experiential learning is ideal – getting your hands dirty is the best way to understand something
  • A determined woman has an intensity and ferocity that is inherently beautiful
  • You should present yourself authentically
  • Transparency is critical in every relationship
  • A personal connection creates a unique bond between two people
  • Humility is vital to building trust
  • SMART time management can be balanced with spontaneity
  • There is strength in a team
  • It is okay to be passionately curious
  • Encouraging personal growth in everyone is a an expression of love
  • A curious mind is always learning and growing
  • It is critical to challenge the status quo
  • You should strive to make a difference in the world
  • Being a renaissance person is a gift, so is being a specialist
  • Money is a tool, not a goal
  • Everything in life serves a purpose
  • A “negative” is just one of many perspectives

What I think you are

  • Authentic
  • Curious
  • Adventurous
  • Creative
  • Passionate
  • Scrunchy
  • Experiential Learner
  • Spiritually open minded
  • Balanced
  • Exploratory
  • Analytical

What I think you should be doing

  • Ask questions & find answers
  • Try both conventional and unconventional
  • Keep people engaged
  • Promote learning and growth
  • Explore and embrace differences
  • Experience new things

What I hope you hear

  • Life is an ongoing Experiment – you must try new things to stay relevant
  • Be Curious
  • You are amazing – You got this far in your life using your intuition and determination – I believe in your future
  • You, better than anyone, know what is best for you. Pay attention to your body, your heart, your spirit.  Pain is a sign that something is not right.  Honor that pain by getting to the source.
  • Learn something new every day
  • INVEST – Organizations that invest in their people keep good people. People who invest in themselves are valued by good organizations.
  • Find things to change – challenge the status quo
  • Look for things you have not noticed before (or in a while) and ask yourself why you did not see them.
  • Seek to Excel – Mediocrity is not attractive on you
  • “Don’t fix what ain’t broke” – is out dated and doesn’t work in this rapidly changing world.

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