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Team Building for Entrepreneurs | Get organized, grow your team | Enjoy Success

RISE to Leadership Boot Camp

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Move your management style from effective to exceptional
with 6 Weeks of practical skill development

The RISE Boot Camp empowers self-made, professional women with skills to re-engineer their current career and increase their value to their organizations.

RISE will focus on the application and mastery of critical business skills in a hands-on, experiential learning environment.

By the time the program is complete, participants will be empowered to change the course of their career and increase their value to their organizations.

RISE training is conducted through participation in scheduled webinars, private online forums, and one-on-one mentoring sessions.


As a self-made business person, I spent 25+ years growing a successful career through trial and error.   I know that experiential learning (hands-on) is a fantastic teacher and, looking back, I realize that many business problems were much easier to solve than I made them. If I had someone as a resource and a guide, it would have made a significant difference in my journey.

RISE boot camp was created to fill that gap for other self-made women.

My mission is to ensure that amazing, self-starting, motivated women receive all the necessary skill training, mentoring, and resources they need to increase their net worth, prove their value to their organizations, create life balance, and further their own personal missions.


RISE is a 6-week program consisting of webinars, one-on-one coaching calls, and actionable handouts.  An online community will be available and in select cities, program participants will be invited to in-person mentoring/networking coffee hours. Through out-of-class assignments, participants will apply class content to their current business environment.


Each RISE class will have the opportunity to pick their curriculum from the critical business skills listed below.  Class members will leverage strategic planning skills to identify the six topics that will receive focus for their session.  Each participant will also choose one topic to work on independently in her private coaching sessions.

  • Managing conflicting priorities
  • Recovering from a culture of communication failure
  • Pareto problems (20 % of your people doing 80% of the work)
  • Feedback voids, when no one will tell you what they really think
  • Professional Development, elements of a successful PD plan
  • Re-work the “annual review” to be an effective roadmap for the future
  • Overcoming lack of funding for staff development
  • Addressing change adversity in your organization
  • Conducting a strategic planning session
  • Team Retreats, leveraging a team retreat to generate organizational change
  • New Hire Orientation (On-Boarding) – do’s and don’ts
  • Facilitating an effective meeting
  • Resource Management, how to avoid overworking your rock stars
  • Personality Types, working together because of our differences
  • Mentoring, building a program within your organization
  • Effective Listening – moving from response to results
  • Tech Tools for small businesses – leveraging technology to improve business results


With over 25 years of corporate experience, Mandy (Amanda) Lucas has worked in every aspect of a conventional company. Her varied positions have always bridged between functional areas providing communication and planning skills organization-wide.

Having experience in every department gives her a unique perspective on business problems and a variety of insights on possible solutions. She has handled a 5-million-dollar construction budget, planned staff retreats, written marketing plans, trained people on computer basics, managed change in a merger, and written custom software code to solve client problems.  She enjoys dedicating herself to new adventures, loves experiential learning, and has found her greatest success in taking on a new business challenge with a client.

Above all else, she is invested in respecting duality – and in business, that requires balancing human emotion with business performance goals.

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