Mandy Amanda Team Building for Entrepreneurs | Get organized, grow your team | Enjoy Success
Team Building for Entrepreneurs | Get organized, grow your team | Enjoy Success

TLC Success Path

Setting your team up to succeed is the number one priority!  If we get it right – you and your team will:

  1. Start Right
  2. Have systems in Place
  3. Find synergy between all the members of the team
  4. Strategize for the future
  5. Experience a successful outcome

Once you have a solid team, you will have TIME to enjoy LIVING life and doing the things YOU find important! 

You are in the right place if:

  • You are a solo business owner looking to bring on your first team member(s)
  • A project manager considering the best approach to coordinate a team of people
  • A small business that grew organically and is ready reset the stage so you can SCALE
  • You are excited about processes but may not have time to try new things

This might not be right for you if you:

  • can’t (or wont) change your organization’s processes around how people work together
  • are not interested in trying new things
  • are not interested in succeeding with a new team
  • don’t have the integrity to be honest in a 360 way

Look, I’m not saying you won’t succeed, just that my courses and memberships probably are not for you. 

What does a successful team look like?

You’ll know you have a successful team when you can answer the following with a “YES!” and a smile:

0. I can communicate my purpose

Before you can start building a team, you have to be able to communicate your goals and mission clearly. Once you can EASILY state your business goals and objectives you are ready to think about building a team! Teams require coordination, systems and connection – the primary success path makes sure all of those are in place.

1. I have established Systems in place

  • Cash flow/Financial tracking
  • Information\content sharing
  • Client Management
  • Calendars & Time Tracking
  • Marketing tools & Processes
  • Inventory (if appropriate) management
  • Planning tools
  • Communication systems

2. I know what help I need

  • Business Task Inventory
  • Drafting a job description
  • Finding good help
  • Interviewing
  • Virtual or Visible
  • Business Task Inventory

3. I can EASILY integrate team members

  • Creating an onboarding program
  • Leveraging a job description
  • Establishing a professional Development plan

4. I maintain strong community with my team

  • Staying connected as a team
  • Leveraging strengths
  • Strategizing
  • Managing Change

5. I am comfortable defining & recognizing success (and able to adjust course when needed)

  • Regular Performance reviews (your own included)
  • Off Boarding – when employee growth means that parting ways is the best next step


I am not an employment lawyer. By participating you agree that you are responsible for adhering to the local contract and employment laws for you and your team members.